jueves, 16 de mayo de 2013

the last bits

softer than a lullaby,
more ricochet than a drive-by.
wait, don't move,
keep your shooting star
on stand by. drink
the substance (w)hole
of dreams, straight up
no allibi. As i
recodify the language,
down in thought,
to amplify
the reverberation of your thorn-
glazed heart, beat by
beat. these riddles
for your mind,
lyrics lost
in time, set loose
on the street. and through the concrete
jungle of a maze, the violence
clenched teeth, the blurring
of history gone sour. we leave
but a trace
of our clear velvet hour.
for we've already
been assured destruction --mutually
or not.
we need no further instruction,
merely to give up
the last bits
of i
surrender. my oh my,
let her hips take over
-shift gears pretty mamma.
it's all in a day,
from play to play.
let her lips take over
-a rainstorm
to misinform
distorted cognitions
of days to come. and cum
we do. and cum we
do. and off
we go. and take her
the moon, and only
might barely

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